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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Arriving at Autumn ~ A Portrait of Your Life

This week my husband and I took a drive to see the autumn colors in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The weather was perfect - a beautiful, warm fall day with a gentle breeze. The sun shimmered on the aspen leaves turning them into thousands of pieces of gold reflected against a bright blue sky.
Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. ~Elizabeth Lawrence

Intermingled amongst the aspen were several types of evergreens and a variety of other trees; adding an array of shades of green, gold and orange to enhance the view. The aspen leaves glistened and danced as the wind rustled through their whisper-thin leaves; creating a marvelous musical serenade.

Just like the aspens in fall, I have come to the autumn of my life. I want this time to be just like those glittering gold aspen leaves. I’m going to enjoy my day in the sun; dancing and glowing with a song in my heart. I’ve earned all those bright and beautiful autumn colors that are splashed over the portrait of my life. I vow to be active, vibrant and alive until I breathe my last breath!
And you? Do you want to arrive at your “autumn” healthy, active and living life to the fullest? What kind of life portrait are you going to paint; are you ready to dance?

No matter what season of life you are in today, I pray you make the choice to begin your journey to A Healthier More Vibrant & Beautiful You.

May God bless your journey,

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.
~ Stanley Horowitz

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  1. What beautiful colors. We don't get the dramatic color change in Florida like you do in the north but we get a little.