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Monday, August 8, 2011

8 Life-Changing Questions to Ask Yourself Today!

As my grandchildren’s birthdays come and go, I am steadily reminded that I am not young anymore. My oldest grandson turned twenty in June and the reality of that thought totally blew me away. Life is so short and I want to enjoy every last minute of it in a vibrant and healthy body free of disease and chronic pain. I want to enjoy my time with my husband, children and grandchildren having fun and being active.
Where are you today on your life’s journey?
Let’s take a minute and talk about your health as related to time. First I want to ask you some very basic questions. As you answer them, please be honest with yourself.

1)   Do you struggle with being overweight or obese?

2)   Do you eat more fast food than “real” food?

3)   Do you seldom participate in vigorous exercise?

4)    Is your diet mostly processed foods with little nutrition?

5)   Do you drink less than the daily requirement of water?

6)    Do you practice deep breathing less than twice a day?

7)   Do you have difficulty finding time to relax and de-stress?

8)   Do you seldom get adequate and peaceful sleep?

Take a moment and really think about this...
If you are a young woman in her 20’s or 30’s, and you have answered most or all of these questions with a “Yes”, just where do you think you’ll be twenty, thirty or forty years from now?  The reality is that neglecting your health today will determine your future. While you are young and have your life ahead of you, take steps to redirect your journey. Don’t delay making healthy life changes – the time to start is now!

Health is not the 'absence of disease'!
Sadly, in our country, we view the ‘absence of disease’ as being healthy. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you are not taking care of the body God gave you, you are like a time-bomb ticking away waiting to explode into serious and life-changing health issues.

You are quite literally sentencing yourself to a future of pain and suffering, while slowly killing yourself with your bad habits.
If you are a woman in her 40’s or beyond and your health journey took a wrong turn years ago, it’s going to take drastic measures to recalculate your path. You simply cannot afford to put it off another day. Eating an unhealthy diet; packing around extra pounds; and being inactive takes a huge toll on your body with every breath you take.  This out-of-control lifestyle causes inflammation and places you firmly on a fast track to health problems like heart disease, cancer, respiratory disease, stroke, type II diabetes, auto-immune disorders, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Please consider where you are today and envision your future. If what you see scares you, it’s time to take positive action before it’s too late! Choose a healthy, active lifestyle so you can enjoy every moment of your journey to Finding a More Healthy, Vibrant & Beautiful You~!

May God bless your journey,

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