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Friday, June 10, 2011


Forever Friday
I grew up in a home where we were served a wide variety of vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. However, I limited my menu to corn, peas, lettuce and cucumbers because I was such a finicky eater. Today, interestingly enough, the main thing I can eat, because of my food sensitivities, is VEGETABLES! I've discovered that many vegetables that I was sure that I hated I am passionate about now. It seems I can’t get enough of them. FRUITS, on the other hand, are pretty much off my allowed list, although I can eat raspberries and then there's my latest “FAV FOOD” – the AVOCADO. An intriguing fact about avocados is that they are botanically a fruit, but taste like a vegetable. 
Did you know that avocados are extremely healthy for you? In fact, many resources suggest that, women especially, should eat an avocado every day. Some of the benefits of this super food are:

You can check out the internet for many creative ideas and recipes using avocados. My current favorite is guacamole served with sweet potato chips. This is a healthy snack that is quick and easy and one that the whole family will love. In addition to all the health benefits of the avocado, the sweet potatoes pack a lot of nutrition, too [120% daily value of vitamin A; 30% of vitamin C; 4% calcium; 4% iron and a good source of fiber].
v  Great source of Vitamin E
v  High in folate and beneficial for your heart.
v  Lowers stroke risk
v  High in oleic acid, like olive oil, and shown to prevent breast cancer
v  Inhibits the growth of prostate cancer
v  High in beta-sitosterol – a cholesterol lowering compound
v  Protects against cataracts and macular degeneration
v  Enhances the nutrient absorption of foods eaten with avocados
v  Good source of glutathione which is important in preventing cancer, heart disease and aging
v  Seeks out and destroys oral cancer cells
Slice 3-4 sweet potatoes in very thin slices - 1/8" or less. Spread on a baking sheet; spray lightly with vegetable or olive oil; and sprinkle with salt. Bake in a preheated, 400 degree oven for 20-25 minutes, or until nicely browned. The longer you bake the chips, the crisper they are. If you don't have any oil spray, you can toss the chips in a bowl with olive oil (1 Tbsp oil for 2 sweet potatoes). Variations: sprinkle with chili powder, cayenne or garlic powder.
While the chips are baking, prepare your guacamole. I like to use my mini food processor and blend one avocado; 1 Tbsp lime juice; 4 sprigs of cilantro; minced onion, minced garlic and salt to taste. You can use raw onions and a clove of garlic instead of the minced, if you prefer.
Enjoy your weekend ladies and, if you have that snacking urge, THINK HEALTHY. Your body will love you for it!

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  1. Now you've gone and made me hungry :) LOVE your blog today!!!