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Friday, June 24, 2011

Pretty in PURPLE…

Forever Friday

"When I am an old woman I shall wear PURPLE…"
    by Jenny Joseph

Today my girlfriends and I were talking about how we loved to dress up for a special event. It seems that the anticipation and preparation are almost as much fun as the actual event. Of course, you have to find “just the right dress” with shoes to match and the perfect jewelry. Isn’t it funny that nothing has really changed since we were little girls playing dress up? We were blissfully happy then - dressing up and playing make-believe for hours. 

I remember, as a young girl, my mother often dressed me in purple. She had a passion for that color that I can’t say I shared at the time – at least not enough to wear it.  However, I loved the beautiful Blue Bells that bloomed each spring on the ranch. They blossomed in many shades of purples, pinks and blues. I have many fond memories of when my Mom would take us on hikes to pick wildflowers in the spring. It's most likely when my love affair with yellow began - I loved those dainty Buttercups.

As I grew up, I gradually eliminated all the purple clothes from my wardrobe (along with quite a ton of turquoise J). Many years have passed since then, and I must say purple is beginning to appeal to me more and more. (Yikes! I can’t even believe I’m saying this)! I even caught myself eyeing a royal purple cocktail dress, when shopping for an upcoming conference.  Suddenly it dawned on me that my age might be a factor here… Purple was beginning to seem a bit daring and bold, if not downright exciting! I could suddenly envision that purple dress as the next alluring step on my journey to finding the “More Vibrant and Beautiful” me. I guess I'm discovering that growing older just isn't so bad after all and that maybe, just maybe, my Mom really did know best!

Gotta go ladies! I have some important shopping to do! Have a wonderful, God-blessed weekend sprinkled with special delights!

Dedicated to my dear mother, who at 92 years old, is the most healthy, vibrant and beautiful lady I know!


  1. It is wonderful that your mom is a wonderful person, just from your description I can tell she is a vibrant lady!

    The color purple has crept onto me as well. I use to not like purple because it is one of those colors that is bold and asks for attention. Later down the road I realized that the color purple is best suited for me because I am now obtaining those qualities!

    Have an awesome shopping trip and weekend!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I really enjoyed reading your post, it looks like we have similar missions :)
    I'm only 21 and I don't care for the color purple. I can totally see myself beginning to like it as I grow older and then this blog post will pop into my mind lol

  3. Thanks for posting on my blog Katie and Andrea. I love to hear from my readers.

    I have added your Glory Organics blog to my Blog List Andrea.