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Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Say YES!

Forever Friday

Do you ever find yourself saying “No” before you even think about what your kids or grandkids are asking you to do? I know I have. How many times have I heard them ask, “Please Grandma, can we go to the park today?” or “Pretty please can we go for a bike ride?”
Earlier this week, I wrote my blog on consistent daily activity. This is very important to attaining and maintaining fitness. And when you have the opportunity to add additional fun activities to your day, it’s like frosting on the cake, or should I say “muscles on the body” J.
Sometimes I think we, as women today, have totally forgotten how to allow ourselves to play like a kid; to let ourselves laugh and have fun and be totally carefree. This summer I challenge you to stop saying “NO” all of the time and start saying “YES!” to getting active with your kids and grandkids. Besides being energized by boosting your activity level, you will be making wonderful memories with your family that will never be forgotten.
~Have a great Father's Day! and may God shower blessings on this special time with your family~

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